Mines Road Birding!

Jim Chiropolos

Derek Hines and I biked Mines Road to the Santa Clara county line today.

Some notable sightings:
1. Cassins Kingbird - we parked about 1 mile up - starting to gear up and the Kingbird flew into a sycamore 40 feet away. Talk about lucky! We then saw presumably the same bird about a 1/4 mile up the road over the stream bed. This bird seems very active and may be tough to chase....
2. Pair of Phainopepla about at the 3 mile mark.
3. Roadrunner at around mile 6.5 above the road.
4. Snipe at coral mile 17.6
5. Golden-crowned kinglets at county line. Not expected habitat for them but heard first then seen.

And lots of quail, magpies, bluebirds and acorn woodpeckers seen on a nice fall day.

Good birding
Jim Chiropolos, Orinda

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