Re: Red Fox Sparrow, Richmond

Alan Bade

Hi Alan- we have a tan-striped white throated sparrow over here in Pleasant Hill as a regular visitor as well. Last year, it showed up for the first time just after CBC Count week ended and stayed for the rest of the winter. It came back in early November, assuming it's the same bird. (It showed up and went right where we used to put seeds out for it.) We're seeing it every day.

I don't think we recorded a WTSP during either the MDAS central or east county 2019 CBCs. So, between your yard bird and ours, hopefully we can serve as "back-up" in case a WTSP isn't recorded on this year's CBC field trips! When I get back from our Shell Ridge/Borges Ranch route, I'll be watching for ours.

We just had a Savannah sparrow this morning as well as our usual white crowned and golden crowned.

good birding,
Alan Bade
Pleasant Hill

On Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 12:53 PM Alan Krakauer <Alan.krakauer@...> wrote:
We had a Red-type Fox Sparrow among our morning sparrow flock today in Richmond near Wildcat Canyon. It was the first we've had here for several years.

A tan-stripe White-throated has been a fairly regular visitor but not seen yet today.

good birding,

Alan Krakauer
Richmond, CA

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