Friday morning in Heather Farm Walnut Creek


At least 25 Ring-necked Ducks were on the large, mostly natural pond this morning.  They were joined by at least 7 Buffleheads.  The cold farther north must finally be driving them south. 

I only found four Cackling Geese today, three on the main lawn near the playground area, and one on the north ball field.  The ball field also had six Killdeers.

The sparrows were happy to find some of my seeds on the west side of the pond, including a Lincoln's Sparrow

I heard what I am calling a Sora at the southwest corner of the pond.  I was still on the pathway next to the Ygnacio Canal and had passed the little wooden bridge.  We call it Bob's Bridge after the late Bob Wisecarver, who pushed the city to put it on previous bridge foundations.

A Common Gallinule was out on the pond with the duck flotilla.  One day earlier this week there were two out on the pond.

A Merlin was seen from the Contra Costa Canal trail as I rode west toward the crossing over the concrete channel of Walnut Creek.  The Merlin was on top of the western-most power pole near the water pumping station.  This ole is almost over the corner of the concrete pond seen from the trail.  About two poles to the east and on the wires were seven nervous-looking Mourning Doves.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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