Late Wednesday birds in Walnut Creek


I did two bike rides to Heather Farm Park from our house starting about 3:30.  The first was by myself, the second with Rosita.  A total of 130+ Canada Geese were in several areas of the park, mostly the north and south ball fields.  Three Cackling Geese were on the north field, two on the south field, and a single was walking around the large, mostly natural pond.  When last seen it was at the dog park parking lot.

Two Common Mergansers were in the Contra Costa Canal when I went the second time with Rosita.  Two Common Gallinules were in the middle of the big pond with some Ring-necked Ducks, Buffleheads and Coots.

A Kingfisher was seen from the CC Canal trail at the pond closest to the private Seven Hills School.  An adult Red-shouldered Hawk was in a small tree across the walkway from the gravel boat ramp.

I called the police to report three young teens fishing in the natural pond, where there are plenty of signs with the words No Fishing.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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