Bath Time for Vultures

Neil Burmester

Rain showers arrived in the North Berkeley Hills around 11:00 AM today, Friday.  Around 11:30 we observed three Turkey Vultures, perched in a redwood tree, grooming and preening in the rain.  We watched them sitting with their wings outstretched as if they were sunning themselves but there was no sun, only steady rain.  They also flapped their wings in place and preened their feathers, all in the steady rain.  This went on for more than 15 minutes at which time we left.  At dusk we saw two TVs perched in the same tree.  TV's are common around here especially when they soar on the updraft created by northeast winds.  (Not what we had today).  But, I cannot remember ever seeing  perched TVs, much less bathing TVs, in this neighborhood.  

A quick internet search found one article from 1965 describing similar behavior by some TVs in New Mexico.

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