Clifton Court Forebay

Ethan Monk

Hi all,

After a successful goose chase today and birding a couple other spots, Srikant Char, Logan Kahle, Augie Kramer, and I spent the afternoon birding together at Clifton Court Forebay. Char and I arrived a little before Logan and Augie, and Char brought my attention first to the little white speck flying across the water--a Red Phalarope. We stayed on it for 5 or so minutes as it flitted its way between coot and scaup flocks, heading E the whole time. We finally lost it about 5 minutes prior to Logan and Augie's arrival. Post Red Phalarope, all of us (Logan and Augie included) connected with a remarkably late Bank Swallow with 2 Barn Swallows about halfway to Euc. Isl., and also 3 Red-breasted Mergansers. The swallows seemed to show some site fidelity. Otherwise, only 2 Redhead are left on the forebay. 

Documentation (for all birds) and eBird list will come sometime in the future.

Good birding,

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