today's highlights, West Contra Costa

Ethan Monk

Hi All,

I spent about 6 hours today covering the bay shoreline between the Alameda County Line and the N end of Pt. Richmond. A baywatch from Pt. Isabel produced an unseasonably high count of 21 Elegant Tern, as well as decently high counts of 55 Forster's Tern and 33 Bonaparte's Gull heading NW. One snipe winging its way North over the Costco was odd.

In the Pt. Richmond neighborhoods there was one Oak Titmouse at Ocean Ave x Western Drive, a species that keeps spreading in West County (you have hope SF!), one apparent Gray-headed Orange-crowned between Clarence and Cliffside that looked maybe to be a celata? and also a non-adult-male Costa's Hummingbird in the purple salvia where Western Dr. intersects Tremont Ave. I had the Costa's twice in 15 minutes, but then failed to relocate it afterwards with Melani King and Phred Benham. I presume it will winter locally, but there are blooming eucs, bottlebrush, and salvia all over the neighborhood, so who knows where exactly it might set up shop.

Good birding,


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