Black Scoters in Richmond Harbor and European Wigeon at Seabreeze Cove

Donald Lewis

This morning we found two adult male Black Scoters between Barbara and Jay Vincent Park and Brooks Island, Richmond inner harbor. Seen from the B&J Vincent viewing platform at scope distance. These presumably are the birds who have spent the last two or more winters there, often seen in Richmond Marina Bay. In addition, there were at least 8 Black Oystercatchers on the nearby breakwater. Full eBird list by Dawn Lemoine here:


We then went to nearby Meeker Slough but found only one Black-bellied Plover and no Golden-Plover among the 28 species seen there in 45 minutes.


Lastly, we stopped at the SeaBreeze cove and easily found the male Eurasian Wigeon and male European-American Wigeon hybrid reported by Teale Fristoe on November 3. The cove is on University Avenue, Berkeley, just behind the SeaBreeze store, at the intersection of University and Hiway 80. You can park at the SeaBreeze and walk 40 yards to view the cove from the walkway along University. Scope helps but is not necessary. eBird list by Judith Dunham here:


Don Lewis

Lafayette, CA



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