Third hand Little Blue Heron

Ethan Monk


Lucas Corneliussen asked me to post this to EBB for the sake of Reef Comer:

“ Hello North Bay birders,

Not sure if this counts as North Bay, but just minutes ago I saw what very much looked like an adult little blue heron foraging with a number of snowy egrets directly under the 680 overpass as I exited onto Marina Vista Ave. Coordinates are at. 38.0253,-122.1126.  Despite only seeing it from behind and through a bus window, the bird immediately caught my attention as it was almost exactly the same size as the snowies and was slaty bluish on the body and uniform dull purplish on the head and neck. Seen in full sunlight. Unfortunately I only saw the bird from the back and didn’t get a good look at the legs, but given the size and coloration, I’m almost certain it was a little blue. I’m not aware of any recent records of little blues in the Bay Area, so wanted to get word out just in case. Hopefully someone can confirm this.


Reef Comer”

Hopefully it’s still there tomorrow... best of birding.


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