Black Rail, Tundra Swans at Pacheco Marsh and a RFI


Though Pacheco Marsh is not currently open to the public, I wanted to pass on a few sightings from today. As part of a group organized by the Muir Heritage Land Trust, I walked the Pacheco Marsh this morning and was lucky enough to stumble upon a calling Black Rail. We also had a flyover of three Tundra Swans, spotted a pair of White-tailed Kites, several pairs of Northern Harriers and a lone American Kestrel. I was also surprised by the presence of a Belted Kingfisher at a pond left over from sand mining operations.

The Pacheco Marsh is at the mouth of the Walnut Creek where it enters San Pablo Bay (just east of the Benicia Bridge in Martinez) and is in need of significant restoration. The group today was the first step in re-starting that process.

I apologize if this isn't the right forum for posing such a question, but I'm curious as to the birding community's interest in a relatively local, fully restored and accessible several hundred acre salt marsh, especially if it held species like Black Rails. I think it would be tremendous, but would like to get some real input from the community at large. I would greatly appreciate any input you might have, though please email me directly and not the EBB Sightings listserv as a whole.

Thanks and Happy Birding.

Steve Hutchcraft
Alamo, CA

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