Richmond birds

Sheila Dickie

Today, October 7, the first Golden crowned Sparrow of the fall appeared in my garden to join a small flock of White crowned Sparrows that arrived two weeks ago. Also today the first Yellow rumped Warbler of the fall appeared. Earlier this morning an adult Cooper's hawk landed on the apple tree where a few minutes earlier there had been a Cal Towhee and White crowned Sparrow.
Location 600 block 29th Street, Richmond.

Yesterday, October 6, at Pt Pinole Regional Shoreline park there was one Hermit Thrush, one Common Yellowthroat and a Lincoln's Sparrow at the pond off Owl Alley. A female Common Yellowthroat was seen at the edge of the Whittell Marsh where there were about 400 peeps, mostly Least Sandpipers resting but scared up by a Northern Harrier, not often seen there. Forty Elegant Terns were perched on the old pier pilings out at the point along with an Osprey and several Double-crested Cormorants.

Sheila Dickie

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