Those ID Blues -- Gross Errors

Mike Hall

Sorry to have misled anyone. Thank you to Alvaro, Derek, and John. I've corrected the eBird list.

Snipe! Familiar face, unfamiliar place. Once your habitat/behavior assumptions kick in, it's hard to re-boot.

House Finch? Weird. I would have expected to be able to make out streaking on the head, even if ever so fine. I would have expected less buffy wingbars. I would certainly have expected to have seen or heard other House Finches, but this nearby bird was totally solo. (There had been a handful across the road when I arrived, 50 yards away or so, but they moved off downstream.) And there's that blue.

Alvaro is of course totally correct -- that's a finch bill, period. Also, the long tail-to-body proportion, and I think one of the shots shows a notch.

When I saw the bluish rump in the photos (and I think i notice some bluish in the tail?), I confess I did think first of Blue Grosbeak. i consulted the David Lukas book for occurrence commentary, then the field guides. On page 509 of the Stokes Western guide (2013) I found the photo that persuaded me.

End of story. Peace -- until my next fly-in.

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