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Alvaro Jaramillo


    That is a “Western” Flycatcher, but given where we are you can call it a Pacific-slope Flycatcher. The wide bill which is entirely orange, streaky breast, green tones above and pointed eyering behind the eye are the features.



Alvaro Jaramillo



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Hi all, hope you're surviving the heat and smoky air. Maybe you can do a little vicarious birding by helping with an Empidonax ID. My impression *in the field* (i.e., not sure it's totally bourne out by photos) was of a smaller, whiter-bellied, shorter-billed, shorter-winged and tailed bird than the Western Flycatchers that dominate this area. Eyering prominent but not strongly teardrop-shaped. True to empid form, it wasn't terribly cooperative for photos, but I managed to get several views:



This was from a small circuit I did yesterday of seldom-eBirded small neighborhood parks in the Berkeley hills. Other items of local interest were a FOS Red-breasted Sapsucker and at least three (though possibly more) Western Tanagers squabbling and gorging on holly-leafed cherries.


Thanks for any input!


Sharon Jue


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