Re: Nice looking Long-billed Curlew at Pt Isabel

Bob Lewis

Some years ago I went with Lew Oring (formerly ornithology prof at UNR, now living at Eagle Lake) to Oakland Middle Harbor, and we spotted a curlew that he had helped band (I believe in NE Nevada).  I just sent him a note, and he responded with a couple of e-mails copied below:


  1. We primarily banded in Honey Lake Valley and we found birds all along the CA coast and a few in Baja too.
  2. I should have called attention to Alex Hartman.  We had curlew returns from NE Nevada along the CA coast and lots of other places.  The person who banded them, in NE NV was Alex Hartman (Ph.D. student of mine who banded the one we saw).  His email is xxx   He no longer works on curlews but he banded a load of them in NV and would have records of where they were found.


So at least one of the curlews wintering along the N California coast was banded and the origin is known.  I suspect Alex has data for additional NCal birds.  Perhaps not quite a mystery – just some forgotten data.  I can provide Alex’s e-mail if he agrees and it’s needed by Andy.


Bob Lewis


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Nice photo! I learned something of interest about our California curlews from my friend Andy Boyce who bands curlews in Montana. He says this: "an interesting fact is that there are Long-billed Curlews that winter along the coast of California and no one knows where the hell they come from. All of the known breeding populations (they're spread across the west) have had GPS-tags put on and none of them winter anywhere near central/northern Cal. Yet we know some birds winter there every year. Probably a mysterious breeding population somewhere in interior BC that nobody knows about. Mysterious. "


Megan Jankowski



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Last time I was at Point Isabel I misidentified a Whimbrel as a Long-billed Curlew.  Today around noon both of them showed up along with some Killdeer, Western Sandpipers and a Marbled Godwit.  


The Long-billed Curlew shot came out well.

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