Vic. Richmond 9/27

Ethan Monk

With slight E winds this morning headed to Richmond area, started at Pt. San Pablo to see what was moving. Highlights in terms of flying-over waterfowl were 184 White-fronts (5 flocks), 31 Cacking Geese, ~10 Shoveler, 104 Gr. Scaup, 4 Scoter, 1 pintail. White-fronts, if you haven’t figured it out already, seemed to have a huge day in the Bay. Small pulses of Vauxs Swifts, Purple Finch, Starling, Bluebird, Violet-green Swallows, Yellow and Audubon’s Warblers, Pipits, and Meadowlarks passed from about 7-815. Most of the birds I observed in flight this morning followed their usual path off the tip heading W, except, geese (all heading North?), shorebirds (normally fly south), and pipits: Every pipit I had went SE. My first good push of Hermit Thrush (5) were scattered about—not actively migrating— this morning, as well as the first big influx of Gambels White-crowneds (prior to today it had just been a couple at a time), which were slightly more abundant than pugetensis this morning for the first time this season. In Central C.C. Co., pugetensis remain dominant, but this should change soon. Gambels numbers should continue to grow and overwhelm the yellow-bills, before waning away again in a couple weeks. Keep an eye on what ssp. of White-crowns are using your yard or local patches. Lastly were 11 Fox Sparrows at PSP... 11 this morning could turn to 30+ soon. They seem to stack up here in early Oct.

Robert Raffel’s Red Phalarope showed very well this morning at Miller right at Ferry Pt. First in the county since 2014? Couldn’t refind the Chestnut-sided at Booker T. this morning, but at least a couple Gray-headed (orestera?) Orange-crowns, which seem to only show up regularly in Contra Costa at this park. The waterthrush continued in El Cerrito creek, preferring the exact same stretch of creek as the last one did. Differently from the previous bird, it did chip now and again. And getting-late Rufous and Costas Hummingbirds linger in Alamo.


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