Re: Any Bay Area parks that remain open?

Maureen Lahiff

check the website; most of the East Bay Regional Parks are open, except those directly affected by fire.
(some that were closed have reopened.)

a lot of the East Bay places for shorebird migration are open.   has the state parks closures due to fires, which are extensive.

Point Reyes is closed.

for Golden Gate National Recreation Area sites,
this is fairly currenr:

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Due to COVID-19 and fires, apparently less than 150 public parks remain open in the greater Bay Area. We all know that all public land in San Mateo County is closed until further notice, as is Pt. Reyes. Other than that, I don’t think anyone knows what’s open and what’s closed. Which, if any, good parks for fall migrants remain open? 

Noah Arthur, Oakland 

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