Trip to Jewel Lake: Wilson's Warblers, Hutton's Vireos, Jays, Towhees, and more

George A Suennen

Hi all,

I miss all the bird walks, so decide to take a trip up to Jewel Lake.    Not as active as it has been during the Spring before the lock down, but still saw a few of the usual summer birds. 

Saw lots of Wilson Warblers, a couple of Hutton's Vireos, a Scrub-Jay and multiple Stellar's Jays.  A prerequisite Black Phoebe, dozens of Dark-eyed Juncos and Chestnut-backed Chickadees, Towhees (California and Spotted), Song Sparrows by the remnants of the Lake, a few Bewick's Wrens and Pacific-slope Flycatcher. 

I posted photos at

Best Regards,


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