Re: Request for information - best tides for East Bay shorebird spots?

Maureen Lahiff

Welcome to the wonders of migrating and wintering shorebirds on San Francisco Bay!
(Venturing south to Jetty  Road at Moss Landing is another not-to-be-missed location.)

One distinction is sites for feeding on newly exposed mudflats v. high tide roost sites.
For feeding sites, I go about an hour after the tide has started to go out.

Frank's Dump is a high tide roost, with protected islands as the tide is coming in (unless it it very high, when they are submerged).

Middle Harbor and Elsie Roemer are more impressive as feeding sites.
(Not very many birds roost there.)

Timing for rails at Arrowhead Marsh is the best with the really high tides around new moon and full moon in December and January.
Close by in MLK Regional Shoreline is the Garretson Point parking area, which has good shorebirding along the Slough.

I usually search online for NOAA Tide Predictions and the site name (Middle Harbor, Alameda for Elsie Roemer, east end of the San Mateo Bridge for Frank's Dump)
look at their lovely graphs of the tides.

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I have been birding 55 years, I just retired here from Maryland,  and am very grateful for all the shorebird reports.  I have a scope and made initial visits to the renowned East Bay shorebird sites (below) but lack an understanding of the relation of high tide to your wonderful shorebird viewing spots and roosts. 

I will be grateful if anyone can reply offline to suggest the optimum time, relative to High Tide, to visit:
Franks Dump in Hayward
Middle Harbor in Oakland
Arrowhead Marsh in Oakland 
Elsie Roemer in Alameda
Albany Bulb Mudflats in Albany. 

Thanks in advance and good birding!
Don Simonson, Berkeley

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