Bald eagles, Grebes and Blue grosbeaks at Clifton Court Forebay

Alan Bade <alanbade@...>

Greetings- Today we went to Clifton Court Forebay for our first time there. We had 4 Bald Eagles on Eucalyptus island. Two adults and two juveniles were in the eucalyptus trees that are also used by Cormorants and Great Egrets. The juvenile eagles were screaming to be fed. After I process audio, I'll try to put it into our ebird list. We also had Clark's and Western Grebes, with approx 30 nesting on grassy islands out on the water. I listed these as Western/Clark's as they were pretty distant. A nice bonus were a male and a female Blue Grosbeak on our way out to Euc island. We heard the male singing in a lone willow tree and it then flew over to blackberry bushes along the levee . The willow is in between the main road and the dirt levee road about halfway out to euc island.
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Good birding!
Alan Bade
Pleasant Hill

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