Acorn Woodpeckers

Kay Loughman

Yesterday morning I had a thrill when I saw a juvenile Acorn Woodpecker at one of our seed feeders.  First time ever.  This morning there was a different Acorn Woodpecker at the same feeder; and briefly that bird was joined by yet another on the rail while they waited for a Steller's Jay to leave the feeder. Those two were also young, though I think of somewhat different ages, and no longer juvenile (note the feather color distribution on the heads).   In the course of the next few minutes I saw at least two more of the same species in nearby trees.  Family group extending territory?  Curiously, both of the two on the rail today had bumps or some sort of crud on their upper beaks.  Possibly pox?  Or what else?

I took several pictures, at odd angles through dirty double-pane windows, and posted a few to my website.  Comments appreciated.

Kay Loughman
in the hills on the Berkeley-Oakland border

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