locked Re: Banner Year for Juncos? Or watchers?


I'm a newbie and can't make informed comparisons to previous years, but—junco story:

Before I started trying to recognize birds myself, I used to mountain bike with a guy who had a habit of stopping in the trail, staring intently off into the trees, and then declaring "dark-eyed junco" with the sort of solemnity you'd use for a medical diagnosis. At the time I thought this was totally charming and extremely impressive, but I've now realized 1) juncos are not that hard to identify and 2) they're *everywhere*!

Now juncos are my personal reminder that men do not have magic powers and I can probably learn to do whatever charming thing they're doing for myself if I make an effort. If there are enough juncos around this year, maybe I'll learn to work on my own car! :D

(P.S. Moderator(s), let me know if I have wandered too far off topic; I'm learning the rules!)

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