Re: Rose breasted grosbeak on my feeder in Piedmont Pines. Finally got a decent picture to post!

Aaron Maizlish

Hi Linda,

For better or worse, the East Bay Birds list does not allow for photo attachments with email messages. This is useful for preventing abuse,and for keeping extra large emails from going out to 1000+ people. On the other hand many of the other listservs in California now allow for photo attachments, and I don’t think that there have been any problems. I have been thinking about changing this rule.

If you would like to share your photo (I know I would like to see it!), then please provide us with a link to somewhere else that you post it.

To everyone else: Please let me know if you have a strong opinion one way or another about whether we should allow photo attachments. Please reply to me privately and not to the whole group.

Also, Linda I would be interested to know if this grosbeak can be seen from the street, as it would be a new Alameda County bird for me.


Aaron Maizlish

On Jun 18, 2020, at 4:10 PM, Linda Jacobs <> wrote:

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