Tuesday morning in Heather Farm Park--new life


Though I was leaving later than I prefer, the morning was a good one in several respects.  Despite the big tractor-sized machine mowing the ball fields, the two small Killdeer chicks first seen Saturday, were seen again today.  Not having seen them since Saturday evening when they had gone from three to two, I was very worried.  Baseball and softball were played at all of the diamonds most of the day Sunday.  A soccer camp is being held at the south end of these fields daily, more or less across from the wooden railing at the big pond.

Also on the north ball fields were 4 Starlings--nothing to brag about really, but they have not been making themselves visible, either.  It could be the freshly mown grass which attracted them.

The biggest news today, though, was on the large, mostly natural pond.  Four ducklings were present, maybe hatched in the lat day or two.  But even more exciting for me was the sight of two very tiny Pied-billed Grebe babies.  One friend from the mornings in the park could not see them halfway across the pond.  They were swimming independently with their two parents.  Just a few moments later, it was only one parent and no chicks--they were already off to hide somewhere, I guess.

The survival of these two will depend on a lot of things.  I did see a Green Heron in the foliage across the pond.  We have river otters, too.  I don't know if the turtles would go after a Grebe chick, but the parents have their work cut out for them.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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