Re: Searching for kite communal roost site

Maureen Lahiff

For several years, there was a communal kite roost at Wavecrest in Sam Maeo County.

Does anyone know if kites still use it? People on the South Bay list may know.

Maureen Lahiff

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I am a raptor rehabilitator with Lindsay Wildlife in Walnut Creek. Due to SIP, our resources are severely constrained and we need to release some teenage kites. We would like to get them into a communal roost site, so they can learn from the kites roosting there. These kites are too old to foster into a nest site and too old to hack.

Does any one know of a communal roost site in Alameda or Contra Costa County that has 10 or more kites that come in at dusk and leave in the morning? Many thanks for any leads you can list please.

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