Fernandez Ranch today

Rosemary Johnson

On the ridge near a log bench I flushed two lark sparrows who flew up to oak tree where I had a good look at them.  Believe that I heard several more singing in the woods on my way down Whipsnake Trail.

Just another dozen feet away from these birds, I spotted an Ash-throated Flycatcher perched with a big bug in its bill.  It wasn't eating it so I kept watching until it flew to a nearby snag.  I went around to the far side where I saw it fly down to a perch sans bug.  There was a big cavity above it but I wasn't in time to actually see it fly out of it.  It flew off but I kept watching waiting for it to return.  I was rewarded by seeing both of the pair return, one with a bug which it took into the cavity and the other which stayed on the aforementioned perch.

The snag is almost at the top of Whipsnake Trail.  It is a small spindly snag which I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't seen the bird fly to it.  It is surrounded by leafy branches from the adjacent large oak.  At the V of the snag, the right hand branch is broken off, only about 2' high.  The cavity was on the downhill side of this branch about 2.5' from the top.

My complete list is at  https://ebird.org/checklist/S70055778.

Rosemary Johnson

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