Pileated Woodpecker


This morning at 7:45, we arrived at the end of Moraga Road and Canyon to see if we could find the Pileated. After getting out of the car, I pulled out my phone to see what a Pileated Woodpecker call sounded like just in case we came upon one. At that moment we heard the indistinguishable sound of drumming. We quickly walked 50 yards back on the road toward Valle Vista, and there it was!!!
The Woodpecker drummed for nearly a half an hour, about every 3 minutes. He was not bothered by us standing on the road taking photos. At one point, he flew west above the Redwood forest. It seemed as though another Pileated appeared on the same telephone pole. The 2 other birders and I did not see the original bird come back. Although we compared the first photos with the later photos taken and can not distinguish for certain any differences. We went hiking near by and heard one more drum about 20 minutes later.

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