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Hello all, although I don’t bird as much as I used to (back in the late 70’s, early 80’s used to bird with Jean Richmond on occasion and sometimes with Bob, too), I’m started to get back into it again.

Today I hiked around Albany Hill with my wife and 9-year old daughter. I walked here early yesterday (along Cerrito creek next to Ranch 99 Market) and it was fairly dead bird-wise, today was the exact opposite! The early AM rain must have scared up some insects as there were birds everywhere. Entered the trail at the end of Madison Street, and then hiked along the south side of Cerrito Creek, then up the trail to Albany Hill. Highlights included ROUGH-WINGED and VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS cavorting with WHITE-THROATED SWIFTS, singing WILSON’S WARBLERS, CASSIN’S VIREOS, and PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHERS and plus one ALLEN’S HUMMINGBIRD. Highlight of the morning though was a massive group of BROWN CREEPERS all over the place at one section of the creek on both sides of the trail. We were surrounded by creeper calls on all sides of us and they were really close and tame. In fact one landed on me for a few seconds when he was being chased by another (much to wife’s chagrin), never had that happen! Otherwise 26 species in all, and while nothing over the top except that brown creeper flock, the amount of singing and number of active birds all over the place made for a special morning. eBird list here:

More soon from me (I’m convinced that stretch of Cerrito creek should have great birds) as my new Meopta MeoPro 10x42 binocs should arrive later this week. Time to retire my 1.5 kilo Bushnell Custom 10x50’s I’ve owned since 1976. Oh my aching back...

Richard Sintchak
Albany, California

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