Re: Briones reservoir Lawrence’s goldfinch 5/15

Cathy Bleier

Saw a pair of Lawrence’s Goldfinches yesterday at about 11:30 AM at Briones Park (East Bay Regional Park District) at the Maud Whelan group campsite, up  the Abrigo Trail from the Bear Creek Staging Area parking lot.   (Parking lot there is now open; go online to see status of other park gates and lots). They landed on the picnic table while we were looking the other way at the Bullock’s Orioles.  My husband took a quick, blurry but useful photo, and then the birds were gone. .  Also present there were Western Kingbirds and lots of fledged Barn Swallows; no Lark Sparrows or Lazuli Buntings presented themselves to us, but they should be there.  Along the walk there was lots of vocal House Wren activity, as everywhere else the past week or two, and multiple Ash-throated Flycatchers and Warbling Vireos. 
Safe birding!

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