Re: 2nd year Osprey return

As Judi Sierra reported, Ralph Pericoli and I observed a male Osprey near Pt. San Pablo this morning that had a blue auxiliary band on its right leg in addition to the standard USFWS band on the other leg. We were eventually able to read the band as "VU" this meant it was among the three nestlings banded in 2018 at the "Whirley Crane" nest at the Port of Richmond. Ospreys do not return to their natal area from their wintering grounds until after their second year. Among West Coast Ospreys, only birds from this nest have so far been banded with blue bands. Ospreys fledged from two nest platforms in Orange County have been banded with black bands (white lettering) for a number of years. Ospreys from nests in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia have been banded, and some fitted with transmitters. As I understand, none of these birds have blue bands. An Osprey that had been fitted with a blue band in Wisconsin in 2007 was photographed in El Salvador in April of this year, and possibly in November of last year. Ospreys from the Midwest have been known to join the Pacific Flyway.

It would be appreciated if anyone observing Ospreys with blue band with white letters would notify us at ospreysciencedata@.... Alternatively, you could include the information and any photos showing the bands in any eBird submissions.Finally, a post on the "Live Chat" at would suffice.

Here is a video clip of today's sighting:

Tony Brake
Pt. Richmond

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