Mergansers and More in Tilden

Kay Loughman

Late post - was intended for 1/25/11:
This morning Mary Foley and I spent a couple of hours birding in Tilden at Lake Anza and Jewel Lake.

Of the 31+ species seen or heard, highlights included: HOODED MERGANSER-M&F, COMMON MERGANSER-M, RING-NECKED DUCK-M (all seen at Jewel Lake, and reported & photographed by Allen Hirsch on Jan. 10.), and another RING-NECKED DUCK-M at Lake Anza.

On the path to Jewel Lake, we also encountered an ALLEN'S HUMMINGBIRD-M performing enthusiastic courtship displays, presumably for the benefit of an unseen female. It was the first ALHU of the year for both of us.

Kay Loughman

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