2nd year Osprey return


This morning Tony Brake saw and photographed the return of one of the  GGAS Richmond nest's banded  2018 osprey offspring near San Pablo Bay.  A male, VU  named "Victory". Male offspring generally return to within 10 km of their natal nest and females 40-60 km. They return in their 2nd year. The Richmond ospreys are the only ospreys in Calif. and possibly the west coast I can't recall, that are banded. It is appreciated if ospreys are seen to look for a blue band and report it here or to the osprey cam chat. Each blue band has white initials that might show up on a photo. A 2017 offspring was seen last season. There is a female from 2018 that hasn't been seen. The GGAS Richmond osprey cam is at http://sfbayospreys.org/

Judi Sierra

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