Heather Farm Park Walnut Creek Wednesday birds


Still staying pretty close to home and taking pleasure in the smaller things.  We have a pair of White-breasted Nuthatches feeding young in a cavity behind some bark in an oak tree.  The other day one observer thought a Jay had raided the nest.  She showed me this morning where she had been looking, not the Nuthatch nest.  We saw both parents coming to the real nest cavity.  They bring back some pretty big insects.

Faith Martinez and I also saw Western Bluebirds catching some Mayfly-type things and taking them to their nest. 

An Ash-throated Flycatcher sang briefly around 8 AM near the entry gate for the closed and private Seven Hills School.  A Snowy Egret had flown to the concrete pond there from the centrally located large, mostly natural pond.  This concrete pond had four somewhat larger than new goslings yesterday.  We could not see them today--viewing of the entire pond is not possible.

A Bewick's Wren has been coming to our patio very early to grab meal worms.  Today it was about 5:50 AM.  I went out the front door and was able to track it to someone else's patio down a sidewalk.  It went under a fence there.  I know that behind those fences is the a/c unit.  It is possible the residents have some suitable plantings or other somethings with small cavities where the Wren could nest.  We do not know those residents well enough to ask for permission to see in their patio, nor is it the right thing to do now, anyway.

My interest was piqued because before today I had seen the Wren taking individual worms off to the side and eating them  It would then go for another.  Today, though, it was grabbing two or three at a time, looking a little like an Atlantic Puffin.  When the California Towhees had their fledglings nearby, they would do the same thing, only they grabbed six or seven worms at once.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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