Saturday in Heather Arm Park--Walnut Creek


The highlight for me was finding a White-breasted Nuthatch nest with parents racing to and from while they were feeding chicks.  Otherwise, it was fairly quiet with no more wintering sparrows, no warblers for me today, and a handful of the expected species.

A Green Heron was on the tree which fell from the island.  The Pied-billed Grebe was calling, and three Mallard ducklings seem to be left from the two families seen Wednesday.

A Red-tailed Hawk was on the power pole next to the private Seven Hills School, a Red-shouldered Hawk was chased by a Red-winged Blackbird on the east side of the large, mostly natural pond.

For the first year we can remember, the Mockingbirds seem to be interested in the grassy area on the east side of the pond.  This area was mown last week and early this week.  The Mockingbirds have for years preferred to be above the equestrian rings toward the houses. 

Bushtits seem to have fledged, the Titmouse couples are busy flitting from branch to branch, an Anna's Hummingbird was seen perched on its snag across the small Ygnacio Canal, and Barn & Tree Swallows were seen.  Song Sparrows and California Towhees were also present.

Early in the morning it is not too difficult to keep social distancing.  I will admit to having trouble with both a mask and my sunglasses, though.  For me it is one or the other, as some others of you might understand.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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