Friday morning in Walnut Creek


It was not too hard to spend about 2 hours in Heather Farm Park today, having left the house about 7:30.  Tracy Farrington was already there on the west side and we checked the riparian area south of the equestrian rings.  After we split I heard a Wilson's Warbler singing continually near the gravel boat ramp, but never saw it.  I did find a Warbling Vireo, though.  After continued searching that corner from the boat ramp and the walkway, I also had Audubon's Warbler and a Townsend's Warbler. 

Kevin Hintsa and his friend, Hank, arrived at the wooden railing and came around to where I was.  Kevin found us a Vaux's Swift over the large, mostly natural pond.  Though I did not see the Cliff Swallow, it was a 5-swallow day for Kevin.  Lots of Rough-winged and some Violet-green, Tree and Barn Swallows, too.

The Green Heron called at one point, but we never saw it.

The Canada Geese had three new yellow goslings at the concrete pond, but I failed to see the little female Common Goldeneye.

An earlier visitor had a river otter in the big pond.  Tracy and I had a Wild Turkey at the equestrian rings, as well as Western Bluebird.

A handful of White- and Golden-crowned Sparrows were still present.

Kevin told me where to see the White-throated Sparrow downtown in Civic Park.  It is near the railroad bridge, now for bikes and pedestrians, in a circular area with benches and a green trash bin.  I shall have to pay a visit.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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