Black-headed Grosbeaks back in force at Tilden Nature Area

Lee Friedman

Yesterday at the Tilden Nature Area Black-headed Grosbeaks were singing loudly from multiple places, but especially by Wildcat Creek Trail in the vicinity of Jewel Lake. When they arrive they have to work fast to establish their territories and secure their mates.
There was also other interesting activity. There was one new Mallard duckling on Jewel Lake (being guarded by its mother from two river otters also present). I stumbled upon a Red-breasted Nuthatch nest, and photographed the male bringing an insect to the female in the nest and their exchange of it. It took one second for the insect to go from the male's mouth to the females, shown in three photographs on my eBird report. 

Stay healthy, and good birding at a good distance from others.
Lee Friedman

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