eBird -- Hayward Regional Shoreline--Frank's Dump -- Apr 10, 2020


I went back to the Hayward Shoreline in hopes of getting better views of the possible Pacific Golden-Plover I didn't know I had photographed on Thursday and found it pretty easily. It was sitting on the right hand side of the flock of BBPLs on one of the small island I Frank's Dump.  Hayward Regional Shoreline--Frank's Dump
Apr 10, 2020
1:30 PM
2.00 miles
60 minutes
All birds reported? Yes

6 Northern Shoveler 
2 American Wigeon 
75 Black-necked Stilt 
50 American Avocet 
300 Black-bellied Plover 
1 Pacific Golden-Plover -- Smaller than surrounding BBPLs. Very yellow. Distant low-res phone scope photos.
1500 Marbled Godwit 
20 Red Knot 
2000 Dunlin 
10 Least Sandpiper 
20 California Gull 
2 Forster's Tern 
30 Barn Swallow 
50 Red-winged Blackbird 

Number of Taxa: 14
James Watts

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