EBMUD Valle Vista lot -- one last comment

Maureen Lahiff

I acknowledge and respect Bev's frustration.

Yes, the EBMUD trails are open, but access is limited.

Yes, this is one more reflection of the greatly unequal and inequitable resource distribution is in the US.

The folks crowding places, leading to tightening restrictions, make it worse for all of us.

I work in the School of Public Health at Berkeley, where many of the experts you've been hearing on the news are my colleagues.
I am so relieved that the Bay Area and then California got on this earlier than so many other places in the uS.

Minimizing the spread of this nasty virus requires a lot of sacrifice from all of us, and I think we're all getting frustrated at the end of 3 weeks,
with probably at least 7 more to go.  (Not official yet, but I'd bet heavily on end of May rather than end of April.)

If it's hard on us adults, think of the situation of school-age children.

I hope to live to see another spring migration and nesting season.

Maureen Lahiff

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