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Mark Stephenson

Greetings Idell,
Hooded Orioles and orioles in general love Bottle Brush and fruit. They will sip nectar and forage for insects, larvae, and fruit. We have an Oriole feeder that we fill with hummingbird sugar water and occasionally jelly that Male and Female Hooded Orioles visit on a daily basis. We have at least 3 pairs nesting in our area of Napa. At least one year in the past few they have nested in our Japanese Maple, but they also prefer Palm trees. If you learn their call note, chances are you will hear them on a regular basis if your area is conducive to their nesting habitat. They are incredibly beautiful birds!
Happy Birding,
Mark & Lucas Stephenson 

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Not sure how to get to the unusual sighting section of this group-- so I will report here.

A gorgeous hooded oriole flittered around in a huge bottle bush my garden in El Sobrante most of the day yesterday. I also have oranges on the ground that I had thinned from my trees- but was not looking there to see if the bird was there. I had records of a hooded oriole only 3 times in the past 10 years--- all in May.  (but of course on has to be home to see a bird during those years---).


Idell Weydemeyer


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That's wonderful!




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I once had a (Woodhouse's) scrub jay check inside my ear canals for insects.




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