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Alan Bade

Nice finds! Expect trouble with ebird reviewers on that chicken....

We've had a pair of Red shouldered hawks and a pair of white tailed kites off and on in our area. They perch in the tall trees nearby and get mobbed by the neighborhood crows. One of the Red-shouldered was in our tree holding the back half of a rat and screaming to its' mate (for credit?) before it flew off. A visible reason to ban rat poisons!

The Swainson's was nice to hear about. On 3/11, we saw a group of 6 to 8 raptors circling high over Mt Wanda at the John Muir Historic site. They were too high to identify, but seemed a little smaller than red tails. At the time I wondered if they could have been early Swainson's. (Too early?)

I follow the Borrego Valley Swainson's hawk watch near Anza Borrego, CA. They are speculating that many of the Swainson's that migrate through the valley might be further east, following a flower (and caterpillar) bloom in Arizona instead. It was wetter over there this winter. They've seen numbers drop off from their usual. Anyone interested in their Swainson migration can check it out here;

Alan Bade
Pleasant Hill

On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 12:38 AM Susana dT <trapaga@...> wrote:
I found a chicken in my freezer! This is a very good find considering the shelter in place, good save from going to the store.
Another exciting bird: the Swainson's Hawks are back. I went to Jersey Island, Contra Costa Co. I drove on Jersey Is. Rd. and by the Taylor Slough where I saw the Swainson's and a juvenile Bald Eagle landing with prey. It worked on it for at least 45 mins while patient Turkey Vultures waited for the left overs. I made a brief stop at Marsh Creek Regional Trail at Monet Dr, Oakley and spotted an Osprey with fish in its talons flying high. Pretty good car birding on a chilly windy day.
Photos and video here:

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