Lark Sparrow @ Lake Chabot

Mike Shannon

Took a circuit walk along the East Shore and saw a very large bird dive for the water, at first we thought it might be a Bald Eagle but as we watched it we just could not see any sign of the white head, thus we decided it must be an Osprey, but maybe a juvenile Bald. And then Cameron Loop trail to Ten Hills Trail to the Nike site where we were rewarded with a pair of Lark Sparrow.

Lots of Junco and a few Oak Titmouse and Goldfinch. Also White Crowned, Golden Crowned and Song Sparrow, California Towhee, Pacific Coast Flycatcher (heard but not seen), crows, coots, Canada Geese, Double Crested Cormorant, a few Bufflehead. I heard the Bewicks Wrens but never saw them. A Red Tailed Hawk was about. Didn't see or hear any Yellow Rumped or Wilsons Warblers or Spotted Towhee but they had to be around somewhere.

Mike Shannon
Castro Valley

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