Gold Gorget on a Hummingbird??

Hilary Powers

I walked down to Lake Merritt this morning for the regular (if cancelled) 4th-Wednesday GGAS walk, so as to write my usual column - and get out into the fresh air. Unlike some of the park-crowd pics loading the internet, people there were being good about social distance, I'm pleased to report.

Anyway, one of the hummingbirds was odd. I couldn't get a decent look at his back - he was facing me and silhouetted against the sky, but his forehead and the central part of his gorget were crimson rather than magenta, and the sides of the gorget were bright metallic gold. I never saw anything like it... but it was all sun-color, and I know how unpredictable that can be.

The overall shape was right for Anna's. Anything else it could be?

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