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         I agree, there are worse place to be during a pandemic than a luxury cruise ship at sea.
           David Rose

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If you have no virus onboard your better off just staying at sea.  

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      Thank you again for your reports from home.
        We travel in New Zealand before boarding the Maasdam for a cruise to Tahiti where we were to spend a few days then fly home. We were denied entry to Papeete due to the coronavirus crisis, even though we have no reported cases of the virus on board. The Captain then headed to Hilo, again we were denied a landing. On to Honolulu, where after 8 days at sea were were again prevented from disembarkation. So on March 27 we are scheduled to arrive in San Diego. We have no idea what to expect when we arrive. 
It’s so depressing I think I’ll head for the Ocean Bar for a martini. Hope lobster is on the menu for tonight dinner in the dining room. It’s just brutal here at sea.
Hope you and yours are happy and well.
        Sailing on,
               David Rose

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It seemed cold enough today and our patio thermometer is showing 50° F.  Maybe the change in weather has also brought a change in the birds. 

After dwindling numbers of Ring-necked Ducks over the last week, today we had about 30 of them on the large, mostly natural pond.  They were joined by two female Buffleheads and the female Common Goldeneye was out in the middle by herself.  Oddly, I did not notice any Coots or Pied-billed Grebes., though I did see one Common Gallinule. 

A good number of Rough-winged Swallows were flying over the large pond.  One Violet-green or Tree Swallow was there, also.

The Yellow-rumped Warblers were mostly missing this last week, but today I had a group of 4--6 on the west side of the pond and another 4-6 at the gate to the private Seven Hills School.

Early this week the Canada Geese had four yellow goslings at the concrete pond.  Yesterday and today there was a family of 3.  Don't know if it is the same family or not; the River Otters are ever present, one was in the concrete pond yesterday.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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