Re: Birding is now prohibited in California

Lee Friedman

I think it is not clear yet whether the Governor's order will be consistent or inconsistent with the earlier county orders that explicitly do allow some outdoor activities as long as proper social distancing is followed. This morning, in a special report by the East Bay Times "Gov. Newsom's coronavirus shutdown in California: What are the rules?", it says:
"Go outside, get some fresh air and clear your head this weekend. Yes, hiking, mountain biking and riding horses in parks and open spaces are permitted during the shutdown. But do so carefully and don't go in groups."

Of course the East Bay Times is not definitive, and I don't know its source for this. But I'd be surprised if the Governor really intended to forbid all outdoor activities, and I think further clarification from his office is highly likely.
Good birding when possible, and good health as much as possible.
Lee Friedman

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