Coyote Hills - Sunday PM

Cal Walters

Sorry for the late post, but managed to track down the Blue-Gray
Gnatcatchers on Sunday ­ starting at about 2:30 - finally found them at
4:00. I had been directed to the area at the end of the quarry parking lot
and towards the small marsh on the right of the trail.

After an hour, I decided to follow some lovely Northern Flickers on the hill
side above the small picnic gazebos. After following them up and over the
hill for some photos, I was making my way back down when I finally heard the
calls of the gnatcatchers. They were in the company of the sparrows -
including the partially leucistic one.

For those searching them out I found them at lot level between the first and
second gazebos ­ where the brush on the hill reaches the furthest towards
the parking lot.

Good Birding.

Cal Walters

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