Late Albany Bulb sightings

Alan Howe

Hi all.

A week or so ago I biked up to the bulb & was checking out the owl enclosure, where I saw a bunch of brown & black striped birds. I was surprised a bit when they turned toward me with their very bright yellow breasts & I realized I was looking @ a flock--20-30 or so--of western meadowlarks. I'd never seen this many together & it was rather spectacular--especially when they all flushed when a raptor (red-shouldered hawk?--didn't get a really good look before the crows chased it away) zoomed in. 

I was back up there Thursday (?) & enjoyed a nice variety of ducks on the north side mudflats during low tide. Not huge numbers, but still nice. Among them were:
green-winged teal,
canvass back,
scaup--perhaps both species,
American wigeon, &
mallard, of course.
There were also:
marbled godwit,
other peeps that were too far out for me to ID, 
snowy egret,
d-c cormorant &
a few others I didn't get down.

Alan Howe
North Oakland

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