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Ethan Monk

Hi All,

A few quick notes from my day out today--

The herring run in Point Richmond reported earlier was relatively young but good for gulls: About 1000 were observed eating herring roe from along the Point Richmond shoreline. The predominant taxa were California and Glaucous-winged Gulls, with large numbers of Mew and solid numbers of Olympic and Cook Inlet, as well. I spent a little over an hour with the gulls at low tide which allowed approach within 15 feet, until the activity started to die down with large numbers of gulls hauling out on the Chevron Long Pier. Gull movement was constant throughout my visit. Duck and cormorant numbers seemed unaffected by the spawning, but that should change if the spawning action continues. The spawn across the bay in Sausalito will steal some gulls and waterfowl, of course, but I still expect *significantly* more waterfowl than there were today. To access, there is a set of stairs to the beach at Western Dr. x Cliffside Ct.

I dipped on skimmers at Brooks Island, despite them being reported approx 2 hours earlier. I assume they were foraging or on the S side of the island where I could not see.

The skimmer in Pinole/Hercules at Bayfront Park was also absent around 230, but a male/female pair of Barrow's Goldeneye and a Montana ssp. Song Sparrow were nice consolations.

All the best

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