Oriole photos

Mark Rauzon

Putting together all the observations led to a successful conclusion. I arrived at Beach Street just in time to see the oriole fly from the neighborhood towards the golf course and land in the largest bare tree then drop down into the pines, where Aaron saw it yesterday. Then about a half hour later I saw it fly back into the houses where I saw in the magnolia tree with the mockingbird. Other birders arrived and we went into Godfrey Park to the blooming eucalyptus on the right. We heard chatter and glimpsed the oriole then about 20 minutes later it revealed itself before flying out. So the transit back and forth across the street is to feed in the abundantly blooming euc that was loaded with other birds.
Going out on a limb here, but judging by the longish and decurved bill and long tail, this is a Hooded Oriole, immature male. But here are a slew of photos that should clear up this delightful mystery that Rusty Scalf first discovered along with the Tropical Kingbird which was also present in the golf course trees. Also a lovely brown Dusky Canada Goose was in the Godfrey park where yesterday two White-fronted Geese were. Thanks Rusty. for showing us this neat park.
Happy Solstice!
Mark RauzonOakland

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