Re: Lake Merritt Common Mergansers


Common Merganser has a strong preference for fresh water.

I wonder if the recent rains have dropped salinity levels in Lake
Merritt enough to be palatable for them. Especially at that end.

-Rusty Scalf

I saw one of these Common Mergansers here about 10:45 today! Thanks Kate for the heads up!

He was exploring between the islands closest to the colonnade. Beautiful bird, but too far for my phone camera.

On Dec 10, 2019, at 9:58 AM, Kate Hoffman <kateh44@...> wrote:

This morning on my commute to work (with binocs in hand), I spotted a pair of Common Mergansers just left of the Rotary Nature Center islands (on the end nearer the colonnade). I'd heard some might be around, but I've never seen them at the lake before.
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