Pileated Woodpecker, Redwood Regional Park

Glen Tepke

There was a male Pileated Woodpecker in the Alameda County portion of Redwood RP near Oakland around noon today.  It was seen from the Orchard Trail, about half way between the junctions with the Bridal and French trails, working in a large madrone on the north side of the trail (the right side if you are going uphill). Note that this is a fairly steep trail.  It was remarkably confiding, seemingly unperturbed and continuing to work on its excavation even when a very loud group of hikers stopped to admire it.   This sighting was also unusual for its location near the southern end of the park; I believe most PIWO sightings in Redwood have been further north and higher on the west ridge, in the Contra Costa County part of the park.  I will add some photos to an eBird checklist later on tonight.

Later in my hike I heard another (or the same) Pileated Woodpecker calling from the slope of the east ridge just north of the playground.

I briefly looked for the "Pink-sided" Dark-eyed Junco that has been reported a couple times on eBird from Canyon Meadow (next to the main parking lot at the end of the southern entrance road) but did not see it.

Good birding

Glen Tepke
Oakland/Santa Cruz

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