Pleasant Hill Grayson Creek birding survey Sept 2019

Alan Bade

Greetings! - the WHITE CROWNED SPARROWS are back in force along Grayson Creek in Pleasant Hill! In the Oak Park section! We estimated 35 in our monthly bird survey; they were everywhere, singing and flying about in small groups. We had one YELLOW RUMPED WARBLER, the first we've seen on Grayson Creek this season. And, we added two species to our Oak Park species count; a MARSH WREN was in the cattails in the northern section of the CC County Flood Control Agency land. A juvenile SHARP-SHINNED HAWK was along the EBMUD trail.

On the Chilpancingo section of the survey, we also added another species to our list, we had a juvenile male COMMON YELLOWTHROAT near the Chilpancingo bridge. We have now documented 80 species on Grayson Creek in our survey between the two sites. We have documented 69 species at the Oak Park site, and will be including our survey results in comments on the DEIR for a 10 acre development of a new PH library and park.

Here are the ebird checklists. Thanks to all survey participants, and especially to Susana de Trapaga, whose photo skills add so much to our documentation!

Good birding, Alan Bade
Pleasant Hill

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